The buyer then opened a case with eBay which advised she could return it and receive a refund. She was duly refunded by the company but she never sent the bouncer back. For most eBay sellers the story would end there. Vora, however, decided to make a stand. He emailed the buyer demanding the item, or his money back.

She then reported him to the police for harassment. In Vora issued legal proceedings after selling an iPhone4 to a buyer who claimed the box arrived empty.

Despite proof from the Post Office that the parcel weight corresponded with a handset, eBay refunded the buyer. It eventually settled out of court.

Launched init refunds buyers who raise a dispute if an item is not received, or not as described. The promise was to encourage buyer confidence in the online auction site, but it can be exploited by unscrupulous buyers to obtain free goods. Scores of sellers, both private and business, have contacted the Observer over the years to complain that the company has unquestioningly refunded buyers who had failed to return the goods they bought or sent them back used, damaged or substituted.

Anna Wabrobska is a business seller of car parts. When a buyer returned a part, which he admitted had been damaged by his mechanic, eBay told her it would investigate but then refunded the buyer without her knowledge. I did so, but my appeal was rejected as I did not provide the report from the police.

Business sellers do not have the right to appeal against a decision under eBay rules which leaves a court as the only alternative, it says.

I could prove I had been scammed but eBay wasn't on my side

Catherine Lewis was left out of pocket after selling a coat. When the buyer claimed she had not received it, eBay issued a refund. But when Lewis studied feedback about the buyer, she got a shock.

Even on items that were signed for. Worse, the buyer has been reported to eBay three times before for this and no action has been taken. Ebay insists that each dispute is investigated before refunds are issued.

i got scammed on ebay by buyer

However, the company freely acknowledges that its policies are designed to keep customers spending. Since eBay ordered its business sellers to extend their returns policy from 14 to 30 days last year, sellers complain that return rates have escalated and they are being penalised for complying. Like Vishal Vora, other sellers are fighting back. Roland Grimm, a personal seller, sold a Tannoy to a buyer who, 60 days after confirming receipt, claimed it had never arrived and raised a dispute with PayPal which offers an alternative buyer protection scheme to eBay.

It eventually settled out of court days before the hearing. The company declined to comment. Grimm is now considering legal action against eBay after a seller claimed a keyboard he had sold was defective. It was returned damaged. They were sent back unboxed, poorly packaged and apparently damaged during use. He sent before and after photos to eBay who told him they would refund the buyer and Ewers could appeal against their decision afterwards. When he tried to do so, he was refused.

eBay buyer scams: 4 frauds sellers need to watch out for

Topics Money The Observer. Reuse this content.Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I reported the guy immediately, also wrote a reply to the case, plus wrote a message to the support guy when ebay stepped in, and also wrote my point in the feedback survey. After all of this Ebay claimed that I did not respond to the case sic! All of this indicates to me that the customer support did not even look at the case or they are utterly incompetent.

You can imagine that I'm extremely outraged now. I ended all my listings immediately, I will never sell and never buy anything on ebay ever, and will close my account, unless there is a way to make this right.

Your choice. By not resolving the return case and requiring eBay to step in, you've also received a defect on your account. Make what right? Never ask eBay to decide. That's a good way to lose the item and the money. If you want the item back you need to provide a return label BEFORE eBay steps in because eBay could give their money back and not require them to return it.

YIKES, when does that happen? It usually happens when a seller doesn't accept returns or fails to provide a return label and have the buyer return it for a refund. No returns doesn't mean no refunds. Ebay cannot prove what a seller actually sends to a buyer EVERY online transaction has the potential to go south. It's the chance you take selling online. If you send a Return Shipping Label and the buyer does not use it, eventually the cost of the label is refunded.

If you send a Return Shipping Label and the buyer returns something different, then you go to Customer Service.

i got scammed on ebay by buyer

No Returns does not mean you cannot demand a Disputed item be returned.To start off, I want to cover some of the selling rules and best practices that you should be following with all your eBay sales. This is probably the simplest and easiest way to reduce your exposure to buyers who are more likely to cause difficulties in a transaction. Of course there is no universal list that tells you the user ID of all scammers but by applying some common sense filters, you can significantly reduce the chances of you being scammed.

I cannot stress how important this rule is! Please, under no circumstances, agree to finalise a transaction outside of eBay.

‘Sitting duck’ eBay sellers take a stand against the scammers

Never mind the fact that if the buyer reports this to eBay, you will most likely be instantly and permanently banned. So if you do make a sale but the buyer subsequently asks you to post to a different address, you should politely decline. Ask them if they would like a refund or if they are happy for the item to be posted to their correct address and then go from there. These are 3 incredibly simple, but also extremely effective rules for selling on eBay that you should be following for all your listings.

Nowadays buyer fraud on eBay is becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced and while these general rules will help you, you still need to be aware of some of the more in-depth scams that buyers try.

If you posted it via a tracked method, then you should of course check the delivery details online and see if the buyer is telling the truth. If you posted it without tracking, then you have very little to stand on.

i got scammed on ebay by buyer

If they request that a replacement is sent instead, then always ensure you send that fully tracked and recorded! That way the buyer ends up with 2 or 3 of their item and their money back so please — always send replacements via recorded delivery. You have to look at this from a business perspective and only consider the numbers. I hope you get my point here! This is another deceptive but highly effective method for stopping INR claims.

Basically you attach a label to the package that displays a barcode and a serial number. Again, this is a very simple scam. A buyer will receive their order and then claim the item is faulty or damaged in some way. Really your only option in this instance is to request that the item is sent back so you can inspect it and then either issue a refund or send a replacement. There is really very little you need to do here, other than request the item is returned back to you.Share best practices, tips, and insights.

Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. After I found out something was fishy I contacted PayPal, USPS, Ebay and others for hours each day to figure out why the tracking info wasn't updating and why the buyer opened a claim saying he didn't receive the item. After investigation we found out that the buyer committed mail fraud on many different levels.

He switched out the barcode on the label with a different tracking number to make sure I couldn't prove it was delivered, and once it was delivered and signed for, it was refused a day later. The box was tampered with before being refused even though it was signed for and shouldn't have been accepted as refused because I have proof that the laptop was being used by the buyer at the time.

Once the correct tracking was found and signature obtained, the buyer opened a case saying I said the item was no longer available which I never said. Then, after proving that he was lying to PayPal, he said he never got the item. Then I provided the signature that was signed by the correct person at the confirmed address and a day later, the item showed refused. After talking to the postmaster, he refused it but then tampered with the label and sent it to a random address and person in my city and even though I provided all proof to Paypal such as the signature for the package, the accounts of mail fraud testified even by the USPS manager, proof that the buyer lied several times and made up many stories, proof that he refused the package and opened a case without even contacting me, proof that the last location it was connected to wifi was his address, proof that the refused parcel was tampered with and returned to a different recipient and different address than the return address, and more, Paypal denied my case and refunded the buyer.

He now has the laptop and the money and there is no possible proof I could further provide because there's nothing more clear than what I have! PayPal said that if the tracking of the item shows refused, regardless of whether the buyer has the item or even sends it back, they refund the buyer.

Please advise how I should proceed. This is all my savings and my paypal and other business accounts are affected. I don't see how PayPal can be so deliberately foolish and purposely steal my money and defend a buyer who they themselves several times clearly told me is proved guilty but because of their policy on refused items cannot give me my money back. In addition to contacting your local police and the buyer's local police, file internet and mail fraud complaints against the buyer with the USPS and the Internet Crime Complaint Center Also look into filing a small claims case against the buyer.

Anytime a buyer starts telling the seller that he is great and that is why you should differ from the norm That's a very nice way of asking that by the way. So sorry that happened to you. Anytime a buyer has attempted to "provide" me with a label to have the item shipped sooner I have refused for my safety.

It is my responsibility to provide a proper label If I get a negative for it, so be it. Once he started making up his stories and I realized the number wasn't updating, USPS did an investigation to find out that the barcode was switched and he also cheated them out of postage. For some reason it only shows proof of delivery as a paid service but USPS confirmed with me that it had signature confirmation and tracking and I do have the signature of the recipient.

First off, all buyer ID's have percent feedback. They cannot receive negative reviews even if they are the biggest scammers on the site. Secondly, you will have to pursue outside venues to recover your money and item.

In all honesty using my own label would have had no difference in result. Paypal didn't even ask or know about the label which shouldn't matter in the first place since there is no policy against it.

Second, the buyer had all positive feedback, was confirmed on paypal, and the label met my guidelines as well as paypals of shipping with signature confirmation. Where I'm stuck is that PayPal acknowledges that I have the signature and even the fact that the buyer is fraudulent, but solely based on the fact that it was refused-- even though it was already signed for and proved to be tampered with and not returned to the return address when refused-- PayPal said their policy is to refund the buyer.

They acknowledged the fact that I had more than enough proof and the buyer was indeed a scammer, they even have it recorded on the several phone calls made.

I even made them repeat to me in their own words that "Even though the buyer scammed you, has been proved to have the item and lied many times, you have all evidence, and the package was not returned to you and signed at a different address by someone else when refused, we cannot refund you because our policy says that regardless of the situation, when a package is refused, the buyer gets a refund.

I thought it was some type of joke because pretty much what I can do is sell or tell someone the exact scheme he did against me, and paypal will side with the scammer every time. Scammers rule here so long as they know how to play.Share best practices, tips, and insights.

Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I sold some Beats headphones. The buyer got crabby at me about where to ship the headphones to I shipped as requested, and then 5 days later he claims they are fake.

He puts up a fuss and does an ebay claim. I get headphones back, and they are in my case, but not the authentic headphones I call ebay and basically they are saying too bad. How can they take the buyer at his word without proof?

This is so open to scams all over. I could buy all kinds of knock off stuff and claim this and get my money back and keep the real product! Cold hard fact is Ebay can't tell who is telling the truth There will be posts that will tell you to notify various people, to report yours as stolen, etc At the same time, you certainly should report the buyer to ebay I'm sure they keep records on how many of these a buyer files, so eventually it will catch up with him I realize that doesn't help the sellers who take the losses I am from California, and I filed a small claim law suit in NY online where the buyer was from.

Scammer ended up cutting a check for over twice the amount she tried to rip me off for This is what we have to do now until some law firm is going to pick up the glove and file a major class action law suit against eBay for allowing and providing an online platform which enables buyers to commit online fraud. This is just sickening that every day there are at least 5 topics like that on these boards and those are only from the people who bother to chime in and write imagine how many hundreds if not thousands of sellers are getting scammed each and every day on eBay I believe you can appeal the eBay decision based on photo evidence, especially with regard to the serial number.

Show what you received include a shot of the incoming package label vs. Of course, file a mail fraud complaint with USPS, a theft report with law enforcement the buyer's local police and an IC3 report.Here's some of the dodgy tricks designed to part from sellers from their money. Sell your stuff on eBay UK and you are selling to the world. A number of sellers reported this scam. They also ask for your PayPal email.

Someone buys your item through PayPaland like the good eBay seller you are, you pack it up and send it to them as quickly as possible.

A Complete Guide to Buyers-Scammers on eBay!

So quickly, you forget to use a service with delivery confirmation. The scammer then tells PayPal they never received the item. This is basically blackmail. You can find out more about feedback extortionand how to report it to eBay here. You send off your item to a successful buyer.

If you ask them to return the item for a refund, they send you their old junk and threaten to give you a bad review if you complain. You can cover your back by documenting your delivery like this seller. And alert PayPal as soon as there is a problem. The good news is the chance of fraud is low. An eBay spokesman said : "eBay has more than million active global users engaged in transactions across 50, unique categories.

At any given moment, over million listings are offered for sale on eBay globally — with the overwhelming majority of listings on eBay coming from honest and law-abiding sellers. If this is the case the fraudster will most likely have copied them from a genuine eBay seller or from somewhere else online.

This will show if there is another eBay seller using the same image or if the same goods are for sale on another site using the same image. Where the sale is not genuine, you usually find there is little information about the goods being sold.

So message the seller and ask more questions and see how they respond. If you find that it is all from sellers as opposed to people who have purchased from them it is highly likely that you are dealing with a fraudster.They paid straight away, and the delivery address was a business in New York, but there was no contact name and they had zero feedback.

Which is exactly what happened. They then opened a case against me, asking eBay to force me to refund them. Despite me proving beyond all doubt that the item was sent in perfect condition, eBay gave me four days to provide the buyer with a prepaid returns label.

It was that easy for the buyer.

i got scammed on ebay by buyer

The buyer then claimed that the cost for the weight was not sufficient. Again, I sent eBay the evidence that it was but, again, this was ignored. Finally, a full refund was issued to the buyer, and my shoes have not been returned. Throughout this process, I have provided endless evidence — photos, documents etc — to show that what I am saying is correct.

The scammer has sent none. MT, via email. If so, you have to wonder where they have been. The brutal truth is, in cases like this, eBay almost always sides with the buyer. Scammers realise this and exploit it. For many years Guardian Money has advised people selling expensive items on eBay to hand them over in person, and only accept cash on collection.

If you mail them, you are wide open to this abuse. We receive an email like yours every few weeks, though this was the worst we have seen for some time. We asked eBay to take a second look, and it has decided it got this one wrong. It has now repaid you, apologised, and taken action against the buyer. So what can others do?

Some sellers will only send items to buyers with proven feedback — say, or more. Consumer champions Scams. I could prove I had been scammed but eBay wasn't on my side. Miles Brignall. Mon 31 Aug