Did you click right off the bat and immediately establish an intense connection? Have you been seeing the number sequence at every turn?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may be experiencing a twin flame relationship. Simply put, your twin flame is your mirror. Basically, this means that two of you are wandering planet Earth. As your mirror, they reflect back to you your weaknesses but also your greatest strengths. Essentially, their presence usually brings on a lot of personal growth and transformation.

There is a place where relationships and personal and spiritual growth collide. It is a place where all of you exists, unmasked and exposed, and it craves connection like a caterpillar seeking out the perfect branch to build a cocoon.

Something without the trappings of distortion, lies, misconception, ego, and ignorance that can fly more freely and peacefully.

twin flame illness

Relationships can offer incredible, radical personal growth as powerful as any spiritual practice. A twin flame relationship is when two people are perfect matches as a result of shared pain or another difficulty.

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? They are there to strengthen each other and to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. A life partner is someone you have true love for. Twin flames can often cause radical personal awakenings for one another because they can see straight through to one another.

According to Dr. Lisa Vallejos:. In this way, while a life partner is about cultivating a deep connection through love, a twin flame is about cultivating a deep connection through shared pain, understanding, and the growth that comes from that.

Relationships are tough. Even two people who are made for one another, life partners through-and-through, often cause each other quite a bit of pain along the journey of their relationship. However, a twin flame is, to some degree, supposed to cause us pain. A life partner and twin flame can both be very long-term relationships.

However, a life partner is by choice whereas a twin flame is not. We decide to spend our life with a life partner. But a twin flame is the kind of person that leaves our life, comes back, leaves again, and always ends up coming back to us or us back to them.

At least, the need for a recurring physical connection will end. Our twin flame helps us grow, and we them, by unearthing our deepest feelings of pain and inadequacy. Physical proximity works as a catalyst for this growth, dissolving all those false or misconceived internal structures until only the truth remains — the truth about ourselves and our place in the world.

Until this happens, twin flame-type relationships can often appear bound to one another, their shared pain and general life experience bringing them together until the healing is complete.

All Inspiring Speeches and Interviews. Ibram Kendi How to be the Smartest in the Room. But, what is a twin flame, anyway? For that reason… 2.

A life partner is someone you want to spend your life with, a twin flame is someone you want to get away from A life partner and twin flame can both be very long-term relationships.

They feel very familiar and you feel deeply connected them. You feel at ease to be yourself — your authentic self, without fear of judgement or rejection.Twin flames are the flames of the same soul, in two different bodies. When Twin Flames reunite, the Universal energy shifts, due to the strong vibration emitted by the two souls feeling again as One. That moment when you feel the ground is running under your feet.

You feel like the time stops. Suddenly you are able to concentrate all your energies to a single feeling. On the feeling that you are complete, again.

Meeting your twin flame may give you the feeling that you finally finished your path in finding yourself. Finding the right soul mate may come after you learned a few lessons. Just when you lose your trust in the existence of true love. Maybe you will try to reject the meaning of synchronicity, at first.

But, if you are willing to receive and to understand synchronicity signs to answer your questions, I can assure you will find your twin flame. There are a lot of recognition signs that we establish with our twin flames, before coming here on Earth. This is a sign that something important is about to happen. The moment you reunite with your soul mate, you feel like you are looking in a mirror.

You feel more positive and relaxed around them. Also, you feel energetically balanced and in tune with the Universal energy.

At the surface you may seem exactly opposites. Having different likes and dislikes.

twin flame illness

Both positive and negative. The compassion level between the two of you is even. You realize that both of you were meant to be together for a better understanding of life here on Earth.

twin flame illness

After hard life experiences, you find yourselves together, more powerful, wiser and stronger. Together you feel the desire to help humanity in this spiritual awakening shift. Because you are compatible. Your inner vibration is the same.

Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

Gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, empathy are lessons you are able to learn near your twin flame. That is because of the true love you share, that gives you the power to experience all these important lessons. Even if you are afraid to experience this relationship, because you feel a strong vulnerability around them, the Universe will bring you back together.

We are all free to live or to refuse living this divine experience. We all have a twin soul.The Twin Flame relationship is notorious for being the most spiritually significant and emotionally intense relationship we experience in our lifetime.

It can be joyous, rewarding and it can spur us on to be the spiritually evolved beings we want to be. It is well known that the vast majority of Twin Flame relationships go through a period of separation. This is important, as separation itself has an incredibly important role to play in our spiritual development.

This separation may be physical — a separation by distance — but it is just as likely to be an emotional or spiritual separation, and none of these precludes the other. When we go through a period of Twin Flame separation, we may experience the most profound feelings of heartbreak and loneliness.

But we can take comfort in the fact that we would not be thrown this challenge if we were not ready for it. And the first step to tackling the challenge of Twin Flame separation is understanding the symptoms of it.

The first thing we might notice when a Twin Flame relationship enters the separation stage is a dramatic increase in both the frequency and intensity of arguments.

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These arguments can be about literally anything, though, in reality, they are all about one thing — spiritual and emotional wounds. This part of Twin Flame separation brings our past wounds to the surface, and this can be an excruciating time.

We bring out in each other the deepest wounds so that we may face them, heal them and move past them. Eventually, most Twin Flame relationships hit a boiling point where we each adopt either of two roles — Runner or Chaser.

The vast majority of the time, one of us is a Runner, and one of us is a Chaser. This makes sense, as mirror souls should be expected to react in opposition to the same feelings. The Runner feels the intense emotional and spiritual intensity of the Twin Flame relationship and instinctively wants to run from them.

This might be down to emotional immaturity, or it may plainly be down to fear or ignorance of spiritual wisdom. The Chaser, on the other hand, feels those same intense feelings and recognises the importance of the spiritual lessons they have to teach. The Chaser, therefore, pursues the Runner in the hope that they can continue their spiritual journey together. And eventually, there is a period of physical separation, usually while the Runner deals with the emotional maturity or sensitivity problems that caused them to be a Runner.

Despite the fact that there is reduced conflict, this stage can be the most painful — especially for the Chaser.However, you can have many soulmates in the course of your lifetime, but only one twin flame. Your twin flame is your soul mirror. No relationship brings you into a clearer awareness of yourself than this one.

Here is how to tell the difference between the two. In fact, when you are with your real twin flame, you will look back and realize that you identified a lot of their traits and characteristics in your former partner. You were perhaps temporarily confusing one person for another. False twins come into our lives when we need to become self-aware and create change for ourselves.

Something that ultimately separates the false flames from the true ones is that the false ones, well, fade. When you challenge one another and have disagreements, their true commitment will be revealed.

They will feel like your best friend, as though you are finally coming back home after all this time. The twin flame relationship is almost always characterized by a sort of back-and-forth, breaking up and then reuniting later.


One of the biggest signs of a false twin flame is an ongoing and intense uncertainty. Though the two terms can be used interchangeably at times, being awakened is beginning to recognize your inner power, and ascending is beginning to actually use it to create. With a true twin, the relationship is natural and effortless.

False twin flames are, of course, very similar to you, and you will probably be drawn to each other because you are so much alike. A false twin flame will be the very beginning of your awakening process. Your true twin flame will not so much show you your leftover pain as they will help you see what it would take to live a completely aligned and abundant life.

One crucial difference between the two is that the false twin relationship tends to only awaken one of the partners. The true twin relationship awakens both, at the same time.

3 Subtle Differences Between a Twin Flame and a Life Partner

Your false twin will always seem to be slightly on a different page than you. Your true twin relationship will happen in spite of anything that could stand in the way. There is no barrier, no time constraint, no plan or preference that would make a true flame not be in a relationship with you… and that, in the end, is how you really know the difference. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. By Brianna Wiest Updated December 29, Paolo Raeli. About the author My new book on self-sabotage will be out in June Follow Brianna on Instagram or read more articles from Brianna on Thought Catalog. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! Follow Thought Catalog.Strife follows them every time they are together.

Twins flame will begin to merge from the minute they first spot each other but this is a long, sometimes arduous process. There is no better stimulant to push you towards positivity than your Twin Flame. No one else can help you defeat your pride and start afresh.

But this takes a lot of effort, the kind you will never have to put in elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is only possible if you can set your issues aside.

If Twin Flames begin to shun each other, their lives become fake as they constantly try to suppress their problems with their own selves and try to distract themselves with worldly things.

However, the universe will always try to bring Twin Flames back together no matter how many times they drift apart. This will once again begin the process of merging and the Twin Flames will have to face every single aspect of themselves, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The final step in the process of merging is spiritual ascension. Once a Twin Flame lets go of all that is holding them back, they must approach their Twin Flame in the spirit world.

They can only gain access to that world if they are aware of the innumerable twists and turns their path can take while at the same time holding on to the belief that they are destined to unite with their Twin Flame. Entering the spirit world will help you experience love and lightness. The Twin Flames will not fear their unification any longer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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April 18, April 17, April 3, January 11, April 1, Ok, Let's have honest and open discussions about this. For the sake of our emotional well-being and sanity I often had considered that my TF was suffering from sometype of obsessive disorder until I found this site about TF last year.

He does not just think about me but he actually goes a great length to re-connect. Traveling long distance and all kinds of efforts, even now that I am married The most strange part is that I also think about him but I just keep him in my mind, like a photo album. For 25 years Of course there are the dreams but dreams can just be a part of my thoughts.

And telepathic connection but it also can be a part of my thoughts. My biggest reasons for "rejecting him" each time are the strangeness of our connection and my own obsessive thoughts about him.

It scares me and absolutely paralyzing. I have no choice but to run away from it. So, maybe we are all suffering from some type of mental disorder.

Have you consider that you or your TF may be suffering from any mental disorder?? Since many of us are thinking that we may be actually crazy, we really should open up about this subject. So, who is crazy around here? In another post, Darkest Hour mentioned Limerence, a mental disorder.

Or use the word crazy when referring to them, I know you mean it in a playful way, but there are others who misuse it and make those suffering from mental illnesses feel like not a normal person.

Please don't compare the two, it lowers the importance of the pain that the "victim's" of those illnesses go through. But Suika, That is just the point. We have to compare the two in order to openly discuss about the possibility of mental disorder associated with this kind of obsessive attraction.

I am not going to change the word to please some people. Those who feel uncomfortable are free to just move pass this posting and not participate. Does it really matter? It is what it is.When the twin flame relationship enters its separation stage, or there is a fundamental break down of the twin flame relationship that ends in separation, we can experience many symptoms. Some people will experience a feeling of physical illness, lethargy and, in some cases, frequent nausea.

This phenomenon has a name — twin flame separation sickness. This is for a few reasons, not least that it is challenging to get someone who is experiencing it to get the motivation together to start keeping notes on their misery. First, a feeling of emptiness tends to rear its ugly head. This is because, when we separate from our twin flame, we are literally losing a piece of ourselves.

It feels like some part of our being has been torn out, and we are left with the phantom pain of where it used to be. Then, a feeling of being utterly overwhelmed. This can manifest as the common cold symptoms we are all too familiar with. We can understand this as problems in our energies, flooding of vibrations in our chakras that our newly torn energy makeup can no longer handle.

Then, lethargy and depression. This is our energy centres adapting to the new status quo, blocking themselves up like wounds scabbing over. This is a self-defence mechanism but often causes the physical plane aspects of our problems to overwhelm us further. Of course, this is often either not within our control or an unacceptable solution to this problem. Firstly, we should remain communicative. Ideally, this would be with our twin flameas it eases the whole process a lot to stay in contact.

However, communicating our feelings and emotions to a third party is useful too, as it keeps us in touch with our own spiritual experience and the emotional experiences that go along with it.

Secondly, we should maintain our spiritual meditative practice. At this point, our energies are so out of whack we do not know which way is up spiritually speaking, so we must ensure that we are well aware of our energies and do the extra work required to keep them in balance and unblocked. But lastly, we should use affirmations to remind ourselves that all of this will pass.